SpainLifeandHouses.com is a webpage on realties in the northern part of Spanish Costa Blanca.

Searching for a property, orientation in a foreign country and its administrative system while daily facing a language barrier can be very time consuming and even exhausting.

I will gladly provide you with advice as to the coastal life in the South-East of Spain as your personal consultant and search for the right contact persons and for properties in the White Coast (Costa Blanca). Gladly I will share my experience and expertise with you, not only from the real estate agent´s point of view. The reason why I specialize in realties in the Northern part of Costa Blanca which is located between Alicante and Dénia is that I do know this region quite well since I have chosen it to be my second home in the recent years.

  • I´ll find for you proper objects,
  • I´ll introduce you to the local service providers,
  • I´ll help you to find sort out the offers of local partners,
  • I´ll guide you throughout the whole process until conclusion of the contract,
  • and our communication can be in Slovak, German, Dutch, English or Spanish

Mag. Eva Rohrman Madová – your local partner in the northern Costa Blanca

During my carrier as a real estate agent in my home country Slovakia I have gained a lot of special contacts and information on investment opportunities within holiday resorts in this part of the Spanish coast.

My intention is to provide the best assistance and guidance to Slovak or non-Spanish-speaking foreign clients that would like to spend some time in this beautiful part of Spain, and help them find perfect place for living, staying or investment in this region. 

Why Costa Blanca?

¡Hola! My name is Eva Rohrman Madová and I am a real estate agent on Costa Blanca as well as an romantic book autor (read here).

From the very first moment, I found this wonderful Spanish coastline fascinating – pure Mediterranean sea, small towns at the Montgó mountain range, untouched nature, indeed healing climate full of sunshine, the cosmopolitan community, and the easygoing attitude of the Spanish optimistic lifestyle!

Yes, thanks to all this I found the courage to bring to life my imagination and creativity. The plot of my first recently published novel was partly set to the region of Costa Blanca (more here). Be sure that this environment will bring you a lot of inspiration and awaken a desire for creativity. That´s also a reason why I recommend living here.

Though being a native foreigner to Spain I have discovered I must have some Spanish blood running in my veins, since I have felt in Spain at home immediately, especially in the region of Costa Blanca that gives me a lot of new energy and inspiration.

After some winters on the coast visiting our friends and after several months spent on language courses in this area, I and my husband have decided to let it become our second home. So we´ve been switching between our home in Slovakia and in Spain regularly!

After having partly settled down on Costa Blanca I have decided to launch this new information and marketing portal in order to provide the best assistance right on the spot since life and administrative system in Spain are so different from what we foreigners are accustomed to.

Surely, this part of Spain is worthy of staying and getting to know it. I am sure many will fall in love with this piece of the unstressed world like me. Maybe we´ll become neighbors once? The world is smaller than you think. So don´t hesitate to visit this land of the eternal sun!

¡Hola! Bienvenidos a España

Mag. Eva Rohrman Madová, real estate agent & founder of the portal